Welcome to The Courageous Ones

a private community for cops to show courage through connection and support

Why "The Courageous Ones"?

To be in law enforcement takes courage. We know that. But to let your guard down, be vulnerable, share your story, seek help, find support in others, to be a part of this community takes another level of courage. YOU guys and girls are the most courageous. You're The Courageous Ones. Sharing your story, supporting one another; this platform and your involvement in it has the power to change lives and save lives - the lives of your peers.

A Community to Serve & Protect those who Serve & Protect

Coming from a cop family, I saw police officers as real-life superheroes. For most of my life, my dad was Lt. of Special Victims Unit in Philadelphia; where he left an impact on the city and the department. He always went above and beyond for anyone who needed it, especially the cops who worked for him. My dad is retired now but he continues to support the department and the team he was once a major part of. My hope is to carry on his legacy of supporting officers of law enforcement by offering them what I can: a support system, a resource center, a community. 

 I'm Katherine! Growing up, I thought "be careful" was a salutation as commonplace as "goodbye" or "see you later". In my world, police men and women took care of anyone who needed it, saved animals and children, healed booboos, and were prepared to give everything to help the community. Cops have a unique career and with that comes unique perspective and experiences that people outside law enforcement cannot resonate with or understand. This community is my attempt to serve and give back to those who sacrifice everything to serve and protect their communities.

COMING SOON! In the meantime, follow along on IG: @thecourageous.ones
EMAIL ME for an invite: [email protected]

Why Are We Here?

We are here to discuss the hard things, the inspiring moments, the struggles, the joys, the strange things, hopes, fears, goals, all of it. This is not politically driven or an attempt to combat anything that is going on in society today. The Courageous Ones is a private community in every sense of the word and it is for you. I am not in law enforcement but I know first-hand that cops inadvertently neglect themselves and their physical and mental health - they are too busy taking care of everyone else or trying to be a pillar of strength, because that is what is expected.
Join us, let your guard down, be vulnerable, express what you need, and support one another.

Features & Benefits:

 Free Community & Peer Support
Weekly Workouts
Networking Opportunities
Family Connection

Please be advised: This is a safe community for officers of law enforcement, only. If you have any suspicions or doubts, please reach out to me directly.  Anyone impersonating a law enforcement officer will be charged accordingly.

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