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This community was designed to serve and give back to those who sacrifice everything to serve and protect their communities.

Created exclusively for officers of law enforcement, The Courageous Ones is a private community based around creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle and having a safe outlet for expression and guidance, when needed. 






I’m Katherine, I grew up in Philly, where my dad worked in SVU. All my uncles and most cousins are/were also members of PPD.

Growing up, my mom always handed my dad his lunch, gave him a kiss and said “be careful”. It was real Beaver Cleaver status in my home. I don’t think my siblings and I ever fully grasped the importance of our dad’s job; but we knew he was on the news a lot, “going to court”, and at one point even meeting people like the President Of the United States. And we knew that we didn’t get to participate in bring your daughter to work day.

Most importantly, we knew he was always there. We were very lucky. My dads job never got in the way of his family time and we could always count on him to be at our shows or sporting events. And when he was there, he was present.

Now that I’m older and can comprehend what my dad and other family members saw and dealt with on daily basis, I am in awe of their strength and how lucky I am to have these men in my life. How blessed I am that my dad was able to navigate his job, husband and fatherly duties, and take care of himself and his team.

I am not a cop but I’ve always admired them and wanted to offer something, anything, to show my gratitude and support for what they endure if our safety and well-being.

I decided to offer what I can: a community, a support system, and connection through this channel and our private online community. I want to offer encouragement and resources to help officers of law enforcement lead healthy, every day lifestyles, and create healthy connections both at home and with one another.

So if you’re an officer reading this: thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything that you do and everything that you put up with and out yourself through to keep me and everyone I love (and even those I don’t) safe.


A private community

to serve and protect those

who serve and protect

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